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    ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00028322[Dwarf Fortress]
minorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-25Eight-legged quadruped forgotten beast.
  00028243[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup
minorresolved (Logical2u)2010-07-25Dwarves embark on ice that melts when spring arrives
  00020201[Dwarf Fortress]
Combat -- Wrestling
minorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-25Forgotten beast causes instant legendary fighter/wrestler
  00028223[Dwarf Fortress]
Combat -- Wrestling
minorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-25with one move from dabbling to legendary
  00028232[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Military
minorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-25Activated soldiers carrying stockpile stuff out to barracks then back
  00028302[Dwarf Fortress]
Miscellaneous Crashes
crashresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-25Crash after 30 seconds of play on linux x64
  00028271[Dwarf Fortress]
minorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-25Blizzard man has [BODY_DETAIL_PLAN:HUMANOID_RIBCAGE_POSITIONS] but no ribs
  00028261[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Nobles
minorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-25Noble mandates native platinum items
  000215719[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, General
minorresolved (Baughn)2010-07-25*PAUSED* indicator does not always disappear when game is running, and other display artifacts
  000020614[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items
minorresolved (Toady One)2010-07-25turtle shell crafts not producing
  00022142[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements
textresolved (Toady One)2010-07-25Wrong pronoun use in combat logs
  00008502[Dwarf Fortress]
textresolved (Toady One)2010-07-25Arena combat report refers to viewed creature as "you"
  00026121[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements
minorresolved (Toady One)2010-07-25"You have been engulfed in flames" Message
  00011642[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military
majornew2010-07-24Same dwarves are training every month.
  00027871[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Cooking and Food
minornew2010-07-24Frozen milk gets cooked into prepared meals as a solid, causing the meal to melt later
  00028152[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Moods
majorresolved (Logical2u)2010-07-24Successful fey mood does not elevate skill
  00024651[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Environment
minornew2010-07-24You can build farms on brooks if you muddy them
  00025973[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Farming/Farmer's Workshop
minorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-24Dwarves only use part of the farm plot
  00028051[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Building Construction and Destruction
majorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-24Deconstructing Trade Depot
  0002802 [Dwarf Fortress]
crashresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-24Game crashes within 5 Minutes
  000272111[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment
textresolved (Toady One)2010-07-24Melee soldiers in mixed squad try to equip bolts, spam "cancels Pickup Equipment: Equipment mismatch"
  00027972[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handling
minorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-23dwarfs playing tug of war with animals trying to be milked.
  00013994[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stocks
majorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-23"Native" ores can't be used at mason's shop
  00027921[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items
minorresolved (Dwarfu)2010-07-23This is a large native copper
  00002846[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military
minorresolved (Toady One)2010-07-23Military Training: Odd Behavior
  00027821[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Activity Zones
crashresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-23Crashes/locks on canceling zone flow-style placement
  00013576[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements: Message Spam
trivialresolved (Dwarfu)2010-07-22Arsenal dwarf spams "cancels Upgrade Squad Equipment: Need office" if there's no path to office.
  00027831[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Trade
featureresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-22Automatically mark unowned inventory items for buying.
  000268513[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Equipment
minorresolved (Toady One)2010-07-22After assigning ammo, squad spams "cancels Pickup Equipment: Equipment mismatch"
  00017002[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Assignment of Jobs
featurenew2010-07-22Dwarves can start another job while conducting a meeting
  00001191[Dwarf Fortress]
textresolved (Toady One)2010-07-22typo in Command Squads manual page
  00000771[Dwarf Fortress]
textresolved (Toady One)2010-07-22typo in Creating Rooms manual page
  00022165[Dwarf Fortress]
Animal Populations
trivialresolved (Toady One)2010-07-22Two incidents of Cluster_number on Bluefin Tuna
  00022422[Dwarf Fortress]
tweakresolved (Toady One)2010-07-22Several creatures have duplicate [NATURAL] tags
  00025261[Dwarf Fortress]
minorresolved (Toady One)2010-07-22Giant earthworm not so giant
  00027051[Dwarf Fortress]
trivialresolved (Toady One)2010-07-22Neither buzzard nor vulture is tagged with [MUNDANE]
  00023501[Dwarf Fortress]
textresolved (Toady One)2010-07-22Small typo in description for deer
  00005312[Dwarf Fortress]
trivialresolved (Toady One)2010-07-22Muskox hair has "skin" for its TLCM_NOUN
  00003832[Dwarf Fortress]
tweakresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-22Gorillas don't have any Hands
  00023793[Dwarf Fortress]
textresolved (Toady One)2010-07-22Changelog in "file changes.txt" lists the changes for 31.07 under a second "auxiliary file changes for 0.31.06"
  00027811[Dwarf Fortress]
minorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-22Native Gold/Silver Ores melted into unusable native gold/silver bars
  000018110[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Military
minorresolved (Toady One)2010-07-21Soldier gets stuck waiting for a demonstration.
  00027679[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpiles
minornew2010-07-20Mass forbid/claim fails to affect some items in containers
  0002775 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Stockpiles
minorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-20The Ammo\Metal folder in the Stockpile menu contains all materials
  00027741[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Combat
majorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-20Crossbows ineffective against trained armor users (goblins)
  00018274[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Military Screen
crashresolved (Toady One)2010-07-20On military ammo screen, going from "add new item" to "Material" produces crash
  00011104[Dwarf Fortress]
majorresolved (Toady One)2010-07-20impact yield and impact fracture the same for all metals, unbalances combat
  000161714[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Military
minorresolved (Toady One)2010-07-20Certain dwarves will never train
  00007431[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit View
majorresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-20most jobs dont show up, also there is nothing in the noble screen
  0000738 [Dwarf Fortress]
Animal Populations
trivialresolved (Footkerchief)2010-07-20Saltwater Crocodiles
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