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    ID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  00094181[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Rooms
minornew2017-07-30written on scrolls still counted as 'writing materials' in library room
  0010272 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Assignment of Jobs
minorresolved (Loci)2017-07-29Two jobs active in the same workshop at the same time
  00101081[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Eating/Drinking
majorresolved (Loci)2017-07-28Tiny Undead - Burrows - Dwarfs won't eat or drink and they dehydrate ot starve
  00054313[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Burial
minoracknowledged (Knight Otu)2017-07-28Dwarves that die in werebeast form are carried back and forth between tomb and (wrong) stockpile
  00102712[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hauling
majorresolved (Loci)2017-07-28Dwarves constantly hauling corpses and skeletons from refuse to burial site. Savegame was originally from v40.24 now in v0.43.05
  00098323[Dwarf Fortress]
Art Forms
trivialnew2017-07-28Overuse of casesura and reversal in poetic forms
  00102701[Dwarf Fortress]
Technical -- Rendering dlopen()ing instead of .so.6 can segfault on some systems with PRINT_MODE:TEXT
  00102693[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Military
minorneeds feedback (Loci)2017-07-25Squads set to defend burrows leave military
  0010268 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Embark/Setup
minornew2017-07-23Pre embark site information doesn't take elevation into effect when predicting an aquifer
  000777810[Dwarf Fortress]
minoracknowledged (lethosor)2017-07-23Keyboard input stops working after fullscreen/window toggle (F11)
  00094994[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Buildings
minornew2017-07-22gypsum codex "stuck to a smooth granite Wall" in Adventure Mode.
  00086504[Dwarf Fortress]
minorresolved (Loci)2017-07-21Raw Adamantine found in the third caverna layer
  00099182[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Moods
minorneeds feedback (Loci)2017-07-21Dwarf Begins Mysterious Construction then Goes Insane Months Later - Not In Burrow, or Forbidden Workshop
  00076702[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- AI
minornew2017-07-20Titans attacking each other, also all titan shrines crammed into NWmost corner of map
  00097114[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences
majornew2017-07-20Dwarves have unfulfillable needs
  00100201[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences
minornew2017-07-20Some need descriptions (friend, family, possibly others) misleading under some circumstances
  0010266 [Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Reactions
minornew2017-07-19NPC Says That Adventurer is Dead
  000136711[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Abandonment of Fort
majorresolved (Toady One)2017-07-18Game crashes on save/abandon
  00091323[Dwarf Fortress]
Technical -- General
crashresolved (Dwarfu)2017-07-18Dwarf Mode Undetermined 42.01 Crashes That No Longer Crash in 42.02.
  00098802[Dwarf Fortress]
trivialresolved (Dwarfu)2017-07-18Giant desert scorpions still do not exist
  00100106[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Announcements
minorresolved (Loci)2017-07-18Ill-considered message priorities
  00100551[Dwarf Fortress]
Technical -- Rendering
majorresolved (lethosor)2017-07-18PRINT_MODE:TEXT completely ignores colors.txt
  00102592[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- AI
majornew2017-07-17Companions Attack Traveling Civilization Members
  000839810[Dwarf Fortress]
Miscellaneous Crashes
crashacknowledged (lethosor)2017-07-14dwarf mode crash when caravan arrives
  00019505[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Rooms
minorconfirmed (Loci)2017-07-14Rooms screen shows truncated right hand panel
  000694026[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Items
minorconfirmed (Dwarfu)2017-07-14Some plants unusable as food, brewing and planting.
  00102642[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Reclaim
majornew2017-07-10Dwarves displaced inside of walls after a Reclaim
  00102623[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Thoughts and Preferences
minornew2017-07-10Dwarves not receiving happy thoughts from eating good meals
  00102581[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Conversation
minornew2017-07-10Player-controlled units granted [CAN_SPEAK] through syndrome cannot open the conversation menu
  00102651[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Invasions
crashresolved (Loci)2017-07-10Game crashes when invaders die from traps
  0010263 [Dwarf Fortress]
crashnew2017-07-09Sudden crash during cave-in
  00096862[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Visitors
minorresolved (Toady One)2017-07-09Monster slayer visitors never arrive
  00102451[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Buildings
majornew2017-07-06Bookcases and Book storing
  00015904[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Animal Handling
minornew2017-07-05Fish in aquariums always drown.
  00102611[Dwarf Fortress]
minornew2017-07-05Dwarves become stuck trying to go around each other in one-tile corridors
  00102558[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, General
minorneeds feedback (Loci)2017-07-03Creatures with material in bodyparts (particularly teeth) lower than [0] block crafting jobs & clutter refuse
  00011797[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Inventory
majoracknowledged (lethosor)2017-06-30Artifacts picked up in Adventure Mode get duplicated and disappear when leaving site
  00088745[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Sleep
crashassigned (lethosor)2017-06-28Crashing when waiting, fast traveling, or sleeping outside in adventure mode
  00102601[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Hunting
minornew2017-06-28Teeth recovered from butchering does not scale properly with creature size
  00098405[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Combat
crashnew2017-06-28Being in the vicinity of too many combatants freezes the game
  00073877[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Conversation
minorconfirmed (Footkerchief)2017-06-27NPC present himself as [SPEAKER:TRANS_NAME]
  00102536[Dwarf Fortress]
Miscellaneous Crashes
crashconfirmed (Loci)2017-06-25Reproducible crash; unknown cause
  00099583[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Trade
minorresolved (Loci)2017-06-25Dwarven trade caravan reaches fortress entrance, leaves before unloading at depot
  00102561[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Trade
minorresolved (Loci)2017-06-25Human Traders cannot be interacted with
  00102571[Dwarf Fortress]
minornew2017-06-25syndromes don't have effect until injured
  000932714[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Buildings
majorconfirmed (lethosor)2017-06-23Cannot order drink at my own fort's inn in adventure mode - tavern keeper claims "I don't work here"
  00102541[Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Jobs, Items
minorresolved (Loci)2017-06-22Creatures have body parts with material lower than [0
  00102434[Dwarf Fortress]
Technical -- Rendering
minorconfirmed (lethosor)2017-06-18Mouse bmp invisible
  00102513[Dwarf Fortress]
Adventure Mode -- Sites
crashnew2017-06-16Crash on nearing retired fortress
  0010252 [Dwarf Fortress]
Dwarf Mode -- Interface, Unit-Job Screen
tweaknew2017-06-16"view unit" text in jobs screen has the same foreground/background color as the last unit listed
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