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Threetoe's Stories, and Analysis

Cold Fire

By Threetoe

An icy wind blew through the row of snow-covered log cabins, rattling the door of the huge wooden mead hall in the center of town. Inside a fire burned, sending black smoke through a hole in the ceiling. Two large tables lined either side of the fire pit. Seated at the tables were dozens of drunken warriors. In one of the beds that lined the wall slept Urgoth. Mead affected him more that most south men, and after dancing across the table he fell into unconsciousness. His fellow warriors carried him to his bed, but not before shaving the left side of his head as a malicious prank. Suddenly the doors were blazed from their hinges. A gust of wind blew snow into the hall. Urgoth stirred slightly. In the doorway stood a huge man-shaped monster covered in white fur. "Blizzard man!" shouted the warriors, drawing their swords and lifting their shields from the walls. The south men formed a semi-circle in front of the doorway, keeping a respectful distance from the monster. A warrior with long blond hair let out a scream and charged the giant. The creature struck the man with the back of its hand sending the severed head sailing into the air. Three more south men charged the beast and were struck down, bones breaking as they slammed into the walls.

Urgoth awoke from his stupor and was met by the sounds of battle. The high pitched battle cries of the warriors were mixed with the groans of the dying. The fight was over however. The south men were fleeing passed the huge monster into the snowstorm. The beast was silently picking through the crippled men, pinching at their legs to select the fattest ones to bring back to its den. Urgoth lay as if he were dead. The monster passed by him, stopping briefly to poke at his belly. After it passed him by, Urgoth reach for his sword, but the handle was stuck. The mischievous south men had poured water on the sheath and left it outside to freeze. Then the beast noticed Urgoth. Its great pointed ears fell back on its head. It turned and began moving slowing and silently toward him. The entire time it was in the hall it hadn't made a sound. Urgoth scrabbled from the bed and searched desperately for a weapon. He snatched a log from the fire and jammed it into the creature's face. Its features began to melt. It clutched at its face and let out a howl like a lonely winter wind. Urgoth smashed the log into the side of the creature's head sending it crashing into the fire, which was suddenly doused by a great splash of water. The blizzard man had vanished.


    • uniforms: when soldiers are partying, they can put their standard equipment up, buildings should have set ups for this if it is common
    • altruism: can help drunks to bed and so on
    • sleeping: can be disturbed by noise like the dwarves, but have a chance to actually wake up
    • antics:
      • messing with drunk people, culture/environment depending
      • picking through bodies when looking for food, poking them, dragging them
      • ears back! BATTLE MODE! In general, posturing of external features to indicate mood
    • mead hall: another place to get drunk, but has some beds as well as tables
    • temperature: need to heat places indoors, can use fire pits, if fire produces smoke, need a reliable way for it to leave the building
    • wind: wood doors can be rattled by wind, windchill
    • narcotics: different tolerances for different people, but the median can be set by race, civ and town
    • sullies: water on a blade can freeze it into a scabbard
    • formations: groups can form up rather than immediately attacking
    • hesitation: based on various traits, attackers need not savagely and immediately assault
    • vocalizations screams before charges and so on, depending on race and culture pain leads to vocalizations, depending on race incidental vocalizations all the time, based on race and culture, lack of vocalizations can also be noted
    • multiple attack glosses: rather than always "punches" can do things like backhands and so on
    • notifications: shouldn't tell you about crap happening a million miles away, but can give sound notifications
    • morale: people don't seem to run away right now, it should happen but I never remember it
    • playing dead: should be an option if you are on the ground, can be used for escape or ambush
    • demeanor: things like slow and silent steps vs. wild ambling
    • resistances: some creatures can be suspectible to things like fire
    • death items: wagons turn into logs when they 'die' etc., this is immediately extendable to things like liquid items, although perhaps a particularly large creature could turn into a flow, both of these could interact with fire sources (dropping liquid items doesn't currently drown the square at all, though it should soak), the same is true of blood dropping in a square, it should sully items