Slaves to Armok: God of Blood, Chapter II: Dwarf Fortress

Copyright (C) 2002-2009, Tarn Adams

For those of you that don't want to wait or have trouble generating a world, we have the following ready-made worlds to use. These were created using the same world generation process the game uses.

To use one of these worlds, just unzip the files into your "data\save" folder. If you don't have a "data\save" folder, you can create one. If you have another region with the same number in the folder, the game might become very confused, so back-up that region or remove it first.

Lathonkodornitom Tholest, The Mythical Dawn-Planet of Cyclones 20.8 MB February 15, 2007 MAP/INFO
Ushal Niral, The Realm of Portent 21.2 MB February 4, 2007 MAP/INFO
Tar Thran, The Land of Dawning 4.9 MB December 14, 2007 MAP
Mon Olzul, The Plane of Legend 4.9 MB October 29, 2007 MAP
Gebbisorid Acath, The Momentous Universe of Prophecies 5.0 MB October 29, 2007 MAP
Omon Atho, The Realm of Soul 5.1 MB October 29, 2007 MAP

JT put up several more worlds on his web page. These cover both the versions and the older version

Issunkar Anur, The Everlasting Dimensions of Wonder 7.6 MB November 14, 2006 MAP
Sil Mamgoz, The Plane of Dragons 6.7 MB October 21, 2006 MAP
Emadefini Etha, The Everlasting Dimension of Prophecy 5.8 MB August 13, 2006 (by JT) MAP
Gomathzilirushul Dakon, The Legendary Eternal Realm of Omen 6.1 MB August 13, 2006 (by JT) MAP
Ruspsmata Angstur, The Eternal Realms of Myth 6.0 MB August 13, 2006 (by JT) MAP
Emateyo Oroni, The Eternal World of Omen 6.0 MB August 13, 2006 N/A