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In October 2020, Tarn did a second interview with BlindiRL about current developments and also subjects DF more broadly.

We posted an Autumn Dev Update video in September 2020.

In September 2020 at PAX Online, there was a Meet Tarn Adams event, and Tarn also appeared on a procedural generation panel.

Here's a June 2020 interview with BlindiRL where Tarn chats about recent-at-the-time developments and more.

Released in June 2020, Tarn's interview with Noclip about Dwarf Fortress. Recorded back in 2019 at GDC, Tarn had been operating on almost no sleep for two weeks following the Steam announcement, leading to a looser style of speech.

Tarn appeared on episode 172 of Literate Gamer to discuss villains and the Steam release in April 2020.

Here's Tarn giving a talk on emergent narrative at UCSC in November 2019 (very similar to the talk given at FDG that year for which we don't have a recording.)

Zach, Tarn and Victoria from Kitfox were on a panel led by Nate Crowley at Pax 2019. And here's a recording of the System Design panel on which Tarn appeared.

From June 2019, Tarn does a QA with John Harris at Gamasutra.

Tarn appeared on Kake Bytes to discuss the Steam/itch release in May 2019.

A list of Tarn's stuff appeared in May 2019 on Uses This.

Following the Steam/itch.io announcement in March 2019, Zach's wife Annie and cousin Dr. Kate Ringland began a series of posts about Dwarf Fortress, healthcare, and some of what's been going on. Tarn and Zach were also interviewed for various sites: Kotaku (1), Kotaku (2), Motherboard, PCGamesN, PC Gamer (1), PC Gamer (2), PC Gamer (3), PC Gamer (4), Polygon, and Waypoint.

The Third Roguelike Celebration was held in San Francisco in October 2018. Tarn gave a talk on villians, procedural stories and roguelikes.

In an August 2018 episode of KakeBytes, Tarn discussed Dwarf Fortress development, past and future.

Here's an interview I did with Crit Hit in June-July 2018 over on their YouTube channel.

In April 2018, Zach and Tarn appeared in the documentary video series On Doubt, along with a few extra clips (one, two).

At GDC 2018, Tarn did an audio interview with Wes Fenlon of PC Gamer.

Tarn did an interview with gamesindustry.biz in December 20th at MIGS.

In October 2017, Tarn made a presentation on secret identities for EXAG. (begins around 36:00, Tanya X. Short from Kitfox also has a presentation earlier you can watch there.)

In September 2017, Tarn gave a talk on emergent narrative on the morning of Day 2 of Progression Mechanics. (Day 1 and the afternoon of Day 2 are also interesting)

Tanya X. Short from Kitfox Games and co-editor Tarn did an interview on their procedural generation book over on Roguelike Radio in June 2017.

From May 2017, here's a Polygon article on game developer's childhood creations for which we were interviewed.

At GDC 2017, PC Gamer's Wes Fenlon interviewed Tarn. Part 2. Part 3.

In March 2017, Tarn did an interview with the Literate Gamer.

Zach and Tarn spoke at the Roguelike Celebration along with a zillion cool speakers. Here is a YouTube video of the talk. You can find all the talks at the Roguelike Celebration link.

Tarn did an interview with the Stoned Gamer in July 2016.

In June 2016, the Seattle Weekly did a Dwarf Fortress story for which Tarn and Zach were interviewed by Kelton Sears.

Here's Tarn in a May 2016 simulation discussion on Roguelike Radio, which included the UnReal World and Ultima Ratio Regum creators.

Wes Fenlon from PC Gamer interviewed Tarn in March 2016.

At GDC 2016, Tarn gave a presentation on myth generation (Tanya Short from Kitfox Games speaks as well in this video.)

Tarn appeared on the Red Pages Podcast for a second time in March 2016.

In October 2015, Software Engineering Daily did an interview with Tarn.

Tarn did an interview with IncGamers in early March 2015.

In October 2014, Limun Ropellukset did an interview with Tarn.

In late August 2014, an interview with Tarn was posted by the Dirty Dwarf and Brain ANT.

Also in July 2014, Capntastic of DF Talk fame interviewed Tarn for the Mittani.

Tarn was interviewed for Uusi Suomi by Teemu Kammonen in July 2014. (Finnish)

In July 2014, Charlie Hall over at Polygon wrote an article on Dwarf Fortress focusing on world generation for which Tarn was interviewed.

Tarn appeared as the guest on the Red Pages Podcast (Episode 19 and Extrasode 2) in June 2014.

In late May 2014, Matt Mirrorfish interviewed Tarn for his NewbQuest project.

On October 30th, Tarn (and Scamps at times) did an interview with the University of Minnesota Video Game Development Club, and it has been posted over on YouTube here.

In early July 2013, Gamasutra posted an article about Dwarf Fortress by Mike Rose for which Tarn was interviewed.

In May 2013, MrSavaGhost began a YouTube video game series with a Dwarf Fortress interview.

At the end of April 2013, during our visit to Iceland for the EVE Fanfest and their art panel, we encountered a Giant Bomb camera crew and were briefly interviewed.

CCP was kind enough to invite us to Iceland and the EVE Fanfest. Here is a video of the panel Tarn was a part of, Games as Art.

Tad Sooter of the The Kitsap Sun wrote an article about Tarn, Zach and Dwarf Fortress which appeared in the April 7th, 2013 edition of the newspaper and online. Amy Phan also produced a video for the online version of the article.

Tarn did a video interview with the Penn State Physics Club on December 2012.

Here's an October 2012 interview with Roguelike Radio.

In June 2012, Tarn did an interview with AlterGamer.

dinosaurcity interviewed Tarn in September 2011.

Here's an online version of a New York Times Magazine article by Jonah Weiner that was bundled in with the NYT Sunday paper on July 24th, 2011. It even has some crayon art and ASCII portraits.

Brendan Caldwell wrote an article for Eurogamer about masochistic games that includes an interview (from March 2011).

Jaz McDougall of PC Gamer interviewed Tarn for their web site in August 2010, and they've posted it here.

Here's a repost of an interview Tarn did with Elijah Meeks/HASTAC in May 2010.

Tarn did an interview with Just Press Start in October, 2009 for Firebrand Radio (their site is down, but here is an archived version).

In August 2009, Tarn did an email interview which went up on PC Cohort.

Tarn had a (long!) conversation (~60MB, mp3) with Languidiir and A Madman from the MS Paint Adventures forum that went up on June 14th, 2009.

Tarn did an interview podcast for Dark Diamond on April 15th, 2009. My mic cuts out a bit (my fault!). You can get the first part from their site (or here, ~50MB, mp3) and there's also a longer second part (~90MB, mp3) that wasn't published there.

On September 8th, 2008, Tarn was a guest on Evil Avatar Radio (now In-Game Chat).

Matthew Boyd of kwanzoo and Three Panel Soul did an interview with Tarn which can be found here (Part 1,Part 2,Part 3).

Roleplaying Public Radio had Tarn on for an audio interview (May 19, 2008).

Tarn was interviewed for an article on independent game developers for The Escapist that went up on March 4, 2008.

Gamasutra posted a DF interview with Tarn on February 27, 2008.

In January 2008, Tarn did an interview with GeekNights.

ASCII Dreams 2007 Roguelike of the Year ASCII Dreams is a blog which covers roguelike games.

Dwarf Fortress was the 2006 Indy PC Game of the year at the 2006 Gamers With Jobs Community Game of the Year Awards. There are lots of interesting articles at their site, and they also have a podcast (on which both of us were interviewed by Julian Murdoch). It was our first live interview, so we kind of fell apart, he he he.

Julian Murdoch also wrote an article about the game which appeared in Games for Windows magazine. There was also a DF article in PC Gamer UK (which we've seen, thanks to Martin) and a PC Powerplay article (which we haven't seen!).

Bill Harris has written about Dwarf Fortress on his blog Dubious Quality and has been very supportive of the game since the initial release. We did a two part interview with him and his readers back in January of 2007.

Some Acknowledgments

Thanks to the playtesting team of Alan Ames, Alex Mooney, Martin Packman, Robyn Ringland and Zonk for locating problems and making suggestions prior to the first release.

Thanks to Fuzzpilz and Prospero for hosting the early DF movies.