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0010083: Mayor wants impossible Rattlesnake Bone Throne
So my mayor wants a rattlesnake bone throne in his dining room. Slightly understandable, rattlesnake bones are one of his likes. Three problems:

1. You can't make bone furniture.
2. Even if you could make bone furniture, there are no rattlesnakes anywhere near my fort.
3. Even if the above two weren't issues, this still seems ridiculously specific and would be really hard to make happen.
I don't know how you would reproduce this except through (bad) luck, but it's definitely a thing that happened.
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duplicate of 0000944confirmed Dwarfu Baron demands turtle shell door in dining room, and other demands of unattainable item/material combinations 
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Yes, nobles make impossible demands (quite frequently beds made out of non wood material).
The only good thing about the situation is that it's a demand rather than a mandate, so even if the injustice system is active, all that happens when you fail to meet it is that the noble gets grumpy, not the murder of a random innocent dorf.