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0010095Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Machinespublic2016-12-19 00:402016-12-19 11:12
PCWindows 10
0010095: Ballista (wooden) arrows crash the game upon hitting a living target.
Had this bug happen yearlier today with a necromancer siege after I hit a zombie. And right now with a goblin siege, with different goblins as far as I can tell. So I don't think the target has to have some unique requirements for this bug to happen.

Actually, after a little investigation I suspect that the arrow breaking is what is crashing the game. Here are a few last gamelog lines from the last two tries:

The flying XX*mahogany ballista arrow*XX strikes the goblin hammerman in the right foot, but the attack is deflected by the goblin hammerman's ({copper high boot})!
The force pulls the right ankle, tearing apart the muscle and bruising the bone and tearing apart the muscle and bruising the bone!
A ligament has been torn and a tendon has been torn!


The flying XX*citron wood ballista arrow*XX strikes the goblin hammerman in the head, but the attack is deflected by the goblin hammerman's ({®copper capЇ})!
The force pulls the neck, tearing apart the skin and bruising the upper spine's nervous tissue!
A tendon in the upper spine has been bruised!
The goblin hammerman loses hold of the ({silver maul}).
The goblin hammerman falls over.
Try shooting some creature(s) with a ballista repeatedly.
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duplicate of 0010028resolved Toady One Repeatable Crash - Shooting enemy with ballista 
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It is known that a serious bug that caused DF to crash when weapons in weapon traps broke was introduced when weapon and armor damage was introduced. See 0010028.
2016-12-19 01:35   
Well, the more you know. Will have to kill them alternatively. It's really too bad, you could say that my whole fortress is centered around this giant ballista death trap.