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0010114Dwarf FortressMiscellaneous Crashespublic2017-01-11 14:562017-01-12 14:24
Windows 10
0010114: Crash during invasion
I'm playing Fortress Mode, and I have a fortress with almost 200 citizens. In early summer after the king has arrived, I am attacked by a goblin siege. Shortly afterwards, the game crashes.

I've started over from the most recent save (seasonal autosave) three times now, tried some different variations: attacking/not attacking the goblins, burrowing/not burrowing, changing the invader cap in init_d... But it doesn't make any difference.
Have huge fortress, be besieged by a large goblin army, wait for a couple of in-game days.
No mods.
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duplicate of 0009888resolved Toady One Wear-related crash when triggerring a weapon trap 
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Are you using weapon traps? (0009888) Ballistae? (0010028) Minecarts? (0009624)

If none of the above apply we're going to need more information to diagnose what's going wrong. Please upload a save to DFFD ( http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] ) and post the link here in the bug report.
2017-01-12 03:11   
I do use weapon traps. In the first two tries, goblins stepped on traps, but the game crashes not when the traps are activated but later. In the last try, the game crashed before any goblins stepped on traps.

I do not use ballistae or mineecarts.

Here is the save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=12653 [^]
2017-01-12 10:16   
Thank you for the save. Your bait animals are ringed with traps, some using fragile wooden trap components. When I ran your save, the goblins mobbed the two closest bait animals, a trap component broke, and the game crashed.

Would you please upload your gamelog.txt file (in the top-level Dwarf Fortress directory) as well?
2017-01-12 12:43   
Here is the gamelog: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=12654 [^]
2017-01-12 13:29   
Thanks again! Working backwards from the end, the last entries before the previous 3 terminations are:

The spinning -spiked willow ball- misses the goblin pikeman!


The X-large, serrated green glass disc-X strikes the goblin pikeman in the lower body, bruising the fat through the ({troll fur cloak})!


The goblin spearman blocks The spinning -enormous green glass corkscrew- with the ({copper shield})!

In all three cases a weapon trap was active immediately prior to the crash. I believe this is very likely another instance of 0009888. If I'm right, you should be able to avoid the crash by removing your weapon traps (though getting that done before the siege arrives may prove difficult).
2017-01-12 14:16   
Thank you for figuring it out!