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0010115Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Eating/Drinkingpublic2017-01-11 23:332017-01-12 10:30
0010115: "cancels Drink: Job item lost or destroyed."
Dwarf reports canceled drinking job in announcements:
"Dwarf cancels Drink: Job item lost or destroyed"

In this moment in fortress somewhere is mug on the floor with spilled out alcohol.

Shortly after 2 other Dwarves will engage in tasks of "recover wounded" and "cleaning".
Create stockpile 11x11. Allow only 121 barrels. Limit storage only to drinks, prepared food and ... wooden cups. Forbid those items everywhere else

Have there stored 100-200 alcohol units.
Have there stored 20 wooden cups.
Have in your fortress around 50+ Dwarves.

In options set "announce most job cancellations".

Wait for Dwarves to get thirsty... Watch the mayhem.

See your small alcohol stockpile rapidly diminish with lots and lots of spilled out alcohol on the floor.
I saw this mugs/spilled alcohol thingy already in mode Dwarf Fortress 0.42.03 entire year ago and it is still not fixed in version 0.43.05. Then this bug was just a temporary fix by Toady to another even worse mug-bug rendering partially filled mugs and buckets bugged and unusable by Dwarves.

In this case I suspect not consumed alcohol still left in mugs is being reserved by next drinking job and there is some unresolved mug-drink-job vs mug-drink-job conflict over the alcohol left overs, which results on spilling alcohol on floor, dropping mug on floor, cancellation of another drinking job and invoking calls to "recover wounded" and "cleaning" jobs.

Annoying bug, as it drains fast a small alcohol stockpile.

Also I like building my locations above ground and not under, so there are some issues with cleaning in roofed locations... they never get cleaned. A reason I stopped playing my first fortress. It was way too dirty (sand, dyes, blood, alcohol and even never evaporating mud) and impossible to make Dwarves to clean up that. :(
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duplicate of 0009653confirmed Loci Tavern keeper/performers repeatedly serve alcohol until visitors and even dwarves drink themselves to death 
related to 0011048confirmed Loci New residents carried to hospital during first drink 
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When a tavern has personnel serving alcohol enthusiastic servitors push drinks into patrons' hands which can induce some patrons to drink until going unconscious, at which time they will no longer be capable of drinking, they fall on the floor and spill their drink, and start to suffer injury to their lungs due to suffocation, which explains the loss of alcohol and aborted drinking task, as well as the resultant cleaning and recover wounded jobs.
The above is not a bug but intended behavior.

If you don't want the cleaning, booze loss, death, and (lethal) non lethal brawling (that can be) resulting from the serving of alcohol you can easily stop that by refraining from assigning a bartender and any performers to the tavern.

Dwarves do not clean above ground, and a roof does not change the location to underground. Mud can not be removed without risk of side effects. The construction of a wall or building (such as a paved road) on top of mud removes the mud and it's gone when the construction is removed, but there is a risk the floor is then transformed into the local soil type rather than remaining stone. Magma seems to be capable of removing mud, though.
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Drunkenness exists, causing spills and incapacitation; that much is intended behavior. That tavernkeepers insist on getting patrons drunk by serving them excessive drinks is being tracked in 0009653. That cleaning doesn't work "outside" is a known limitation that Toady will be addressing with suggested improvements (0001140).