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0001012Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Childcarepublic2010-04-11 13:042010-06-12 02:00
Baron Of Hell 
Toady One 
WindowsWindows 7
0001012: kidnap by clean self
After getting a Snatcher warning I assigned all the children to a burrow inside my fort. Doing so causes the following waring

 "overwrote job: kidnap by clean self"

It doesn't seem to cause any problems but the message will continue popping up until you remove the children from the burrow.
Wait until you get a snatcher warning.
Assign children to a burrow using w->c
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child of 0000393resolved Toady One OVERWROTE JOB: Kidnap BY Clean Self 
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2010-04-11 13:11   
This is mostly a duplicate of 0000393, but I'm leaving it open because of the additional info about burrows.
2010-04-12 20:39   
I've had this message a lot, but only with my citizen alert turned on (i.e. when all dwarves are confined to the emergency burrow). Has anyone had a child successfully kidnapped from a burrow?
Toady One   
2010-06-12 02:00   
Okay, this should be fixed up for 0.31.07.