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0010122Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2017-01-26 10:532017-02-01 14:30
0010122: Relieved soldiers confined to a burrow don't drop their equipment, spam cancellations, and stand in place
If you have a soldier and relieve him from duty, and before he has the chance to drop his stuff, confine him to a burrow, he will stop right where he is, and start spamming "Urist McFired cancels store item in bin: drop-off inaccessible."

I understand why this happens, but I'd expect him to drop the equipment right there and go to the burrow. For that matter, I'd expect anyone ordered to a burrow to drop what they're doing immediately, drop the items related to the task (most imporantly heavy rocks) and go to the burrow.
1) Start with an active soldier. Make sure you have Inactive = uniformed in the schedule.
2) Relieve him from duty, and confine him to a burrow before he drops his equipment.
3) He won't do anything until you let him properly get rid of his stuff. Forbidding his problematic equipment does not fix this.
I discovered this because of another bug, which has to do with the fact that the soldier in question was doing archery practice when I needed him in a burrow. He ignored his burrow restrictions. I noticed that this bug already exists. 0003469
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duplicate of 0000340new  Dwarf repeatedly try to store job-based weapons in burrow-forbidden stockpiles 
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This might just be a result of the same bug that causes 0008903 and 0010123. I'd report it as "Military pathfinding is wonky" but I think it's better to list these seperately.

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Do you have a stockpile for armour/weapons outside of the burrow. Might have to do with the cancellation spam. As for the dropping-items-right-there-and-then: there are many bugs around equipment and dwarves might carry their stuff around for a while longer even if they are not drafted any longer.
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I have plenty of room in stockpiles for the items he wants to drop. They are not in the burrow, which is the obvious cause for the problem. But I think that a dwarf should ignore dropping items if he can't find a stockpile within the burrow, and go to the burrow instead.