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0010147Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Stockpilespublic2017-02-23 21:382017-02-24 09:29
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0010147: Forgotten Beast parts placed in inappropriate refuse stockpiles
After killing a forgotten beast, its corpse ended up in my skeleton/hoof/wool/skull only pile. Then after it was butchered its mangled trunk cartilage ended up in the skeleton/etc... pile, and its bones ended up in the corpses-only pile. (Both custom refuse piles - importantly, the corpse one is *outside* so stuff rots without miasma).
Need another Forgotten Beast to see what happens, but if its repeatable, I'm guessing just have a bones stockpile and a corpse stockpile and see what your dwarves do with various remains.
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duplicate of 0002762acknowledged Footkerchief Forgotten Beast body parts and corpses stored on refuse stockpile disregard stockpile settings 
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I fiddled with stockpile parameters, and this forgotten beast's bones are considered part of the 'corpses' subfield by the game.
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Corpse handling was changed in 0.42.01, but the handling of procedurally generated creatures was odd(ish) in 0.40.X, and I don't think that part has changed.
The issue at that time is that procedurally generated creatures and their parts are not listed in any category, and so match any refuse (and presumably corpse currently for sapient ones) stockpile UNLESS you start with forbidding everything and then adding what you want to store. I didn't go down into item categories, but I suspect enabling/disabling categories won't cut it as procedural critter parts don't match anything in any (sub)category, but some "procedural creature" profile that cannot be either seen or manipulated directly by the user: only the block all/allow all commands worked.
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All my refuse stockpiles eliminate full categories.

It stored the Forgotten Beast corpse in a refuse stockpile that only had skeletons, hooves, skulls, and wool open, and would not store it in a stockpile that had corpses, body parts, and vermin (only) enabled.

Then for the skeleton it did the reverse, but enabling 'corpses' in the skeletons, hooves, skulls, and wool refuse pile (and disabling corpses in the other) caused them to store the bones there instead. So for whatever reason it was definitely considering the bones a 'corpse'.