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0001020Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Generalpublic2010-04-11 17:092012-03-19 05:51
Toady One 
0001020: Children spam cancellations when trying to claim clothing
In certain situations dwarves spam "cancel" messages when they are unable to complete their tasks. Two situations I've seen it to be prevalent are:

1.Severed arms and military dwarves trying to equip. I've got a dwarf here complaining he can't use a weapon because both arms are severed. (message: cancels pickup equipment - too injured)
2.Children and claiming. Some children will repeatedly claim items and then spam inaccessible errors and bog down frame rate.
Sever both arms on a soldier, then make them live and try to equip a weapon. Children exhibit the behavior randomly. Do not know how to reproduce child error.
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related to 0001396resolved Toady One Children claim clothes they cannot/will not wear or store in rooms 
related to 0007213assigned Footkerchief Babies become children and remain frozen with pickup equipment job 
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2010-04-11 18:29   
1: see 0000306

2: What do you mean by "claim items"? Claim them for a mood?

2010-04-11 20:44   
1. Basically the same as 0000306, except it seems that children do it, too. Children seem to get pissed that they can't get to their ROPE_REED_SOCK.

2. Pre-economy item requisition. Items are "claimed" by a dwarf from afar. (usually results in a pile of pig-tail socks and clothes whenever invaders are driven off)