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0010226: Tavern Keepers do not accept the local currency.
Recently learning how to settle tavern debts with the tavern keeper, I thought that I would use my local coins from another shop in town to settle my debt. When "a"sking for currency, to settle the debt, the debt owed decreases. When "o"ffering currency to fix that, the debt owed goes back to before, just like when I opened the menu. Just offering the currency won't be accepted, with a message similar to "Are you trying to buy something?".
1. In a human town, get some coins.
2. Go to the tavern in town and get wildly* drunk.
3. Talk to the tavern keeper and "Trade or settle debts".
4. "A"sk for the debt, then "O"ffer the same amount.

* - Amount of wildly ranges from one mug to the entire tavern's worth of alcohol.
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Still present in 04.05, and in fact this has been present since, if I recall, the very day tavern keepers were added. Really fucking annoying.
2020-02-08 20:27   
Almost two years later, still present in 0.47.02. Shouldn't the local currency be the simplest (in game design terms) and most natural (in RP terms) way to pay tavern keepers, at least in human settlements?
2020-02-20 11:47   
Still there in 0.47.03

Really needs to be at the very least acknowledged, especially before Steam release or there will be quite a lot of confused players