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0010329: Refugees and armies will sleep forever
Refugees and armies sent to or driven from sites will enter a state of permanent sleep if the adventure mode character loads into an area with the forces present. In addition, this state will remain true even when the adventurer leaves. For all intents and purposes, these NPCs are completely removed from gameplay despite technically still existing, and renders the army siege mechanics and refugee travel mechanics utterly broken.
Locate a site being attacked by an army, or a site that has recently been sacked, preferably a "major" site like a fortress or a city, or the equivalent for the other sites. Upon entering fast-travel mod, you should see a great deal of * symbols surrounding the site. If you enter this area and subsequently leave fast travel mode, you will encounter a tent that is likely filled with sleeping NPCs. These NPCs will remain permanently asleep even if the adventurer leaves the site, which can be verified by retiring the adventurer and starting a new one. Even two weeks later, their position will not have changed. Furthermore, using third-party scripts to change the two week wait time to ten years, the result is the same, with the sleeping NPCs remaining where they are.
I consider this to be a significant and high-priority bug due to its wide-ranging effects on gameplay. For example, should you spawn in a human city under attack by a goblin civ, every single goblin soldier at the site is now unable to do anything, and the civilization will likely be destroyed by nations who have not lost their armies to eternal sleep. A well-traveled adventurer might result in the total stopping of all military and refugee activity, resulting in a world where nothing ever happens because all pertinent NPCs are unable to be used by the game.
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duplicate of 0006798resolved Toady One Sleeping NPCs don't wake up 
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