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0001037: game crash/ also spamming forgotten beast enraged
well this save will crash in 30 seconds.there are also forgotten beast no longer enraged spam.
other intresting thing is melacholic cook being beaten (maybe values of unhappiness went beyond the max negative making it positive crashing game)
http://dffd.wimbli.com/file.php?id=2075 [^]
wait 30 seconds
crash, Save Included
child of 0000668resolved Toady One Unbreached underground areas still generate certain announcements 
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2010-12-13 19:06   
Loaded in 31.18.

Not getting a crash on this one. Given this was back in 31.02, it could have been related to the arsenal dwarf or equipment bugs, though the forgotten beast is odd.

The forgotten beast was unrevealed and was fighting unrevealed animal peoples. Waiting a bit, saving and reloading the game, the beast was put down. Abandoning and viewing legends shows that one of the animal people killed it and that it had taken a few of them with it.

Whatever the source, it has been corrected at some point.
2010-12-13 19:18   
Hey Dwarfu -- were you seeing the "no longer enraged" message spam?
2010-12-14 14:02   
It would, I guess, depend on the definition of spam. The messages were singular and spaced about a week of game time apart. I consider spam to be the messages with x32 after them. In any event, I think it would defer to 0000668, as we shouldn't be getting alerts from unrevealed creatures.

Since I reloaded this to verify I also reviewed it for 0000842, but did not notice that occurring. I did see 0003607, but took the comment 0003607:0013836 into consideration.