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0010426Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2017-12-06 05:232022-01-02 11:33
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0010426: Military squads don't all return, blocks squad from all commanded actions
When I sent a 10-man squad out to raid a goblin site, 7 dwarfs returned. 3 were marked as "travelling". They weren't listed as captured on the "c-p" screen for recovering captured civilians... they were just stuck in the travel cycle. Now that squad cannot be ordered to station somewhere, kill a creature, fight, or anything else, because since members of it are flagged as traveling they are exempt. In the attached save, squad C is in this situation and the fortress is about to fall because of it.
Make 10 man squad, send to raid in dangerous area, count dwarves on return
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related to 0010443assigned Detros Dwarves keep dying from beatings and suffer severe injuries. 
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2017-12-06 05:34   
Bugged save added: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13288 [^]
2017-12-08 14:59   
Here's another bugged save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13292 [^]
2017-12-09 14:36   
This one seems erratic, I haven't been able to reproduce it. Squads return like migrants, re-entering the map separately over time.
2017-12-10 10:19   
Thanks for those saves. I think we need to find out why these raids lead to dwarves getting lost on their way while all those other missions do work as they should. Maybe searching for the lost dwarves in adventure mode or in Legends could help?
2017-12-13 17:17   
(edited on: 2017-12-13 17:24)
Legends mode shows that they returned to the city, but the game still lists them as "traveling". Apparently they aren't making it back on the map somehow, but part of the game thinks they are.

Retiring the fort and unretiring does not address the issue (tried).

2018-01-17 14:39   
Can confirm that this happens in 0.44.05 still. Sent 70 to explore ruins, got back 68 with 2 stuck on (traveling).
2018-02-24 19:35   
Sent 10 dwarves to find an artifact none have returned. Legends doesn't say anything about them.
2018-03-03 11:54   
Got a bugged save. This one is pre-bug, just send the only squad on a raid anywhere you please (I raided the northernmost goblin fortress) and the second member of the squad, Udil, will not return.

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=13537 [^]
2018-04-16 10:29   
It looks like this issue was linked to 0010443 in error. The two bugs don't seem to be related.
2021-03-12 02:17   
Can confirm this still happens in 0.47.05
2022-01-02 11:33   
Had this issue happen, out of four squads only the outpost liasion returned. Got a report saying all was well and they destroyed the site and looted treasure, no casualties (but no spoils report at all), been waiting for them to return for a year. Cannot unassign the two squad members that are at the fort (aside from the outpost liasion, one of them has refused to go on missions for a few years, but this has never resulted in missions not following through before). Can provide save, but it is too big for the site. Cannot retrieve them with fix/retrieve-units in DFhack.