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0010431Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Militarypublic2017-12-06 19:362017-12-07 13:33
PC with Intel i3-2100Windows 10build 15063.726
0010431: Crash on multiple squads returning from raid. Very common.
Numerous times I have sent out multiple squads to raid a site and as soon as they return, the game tends to crash. Seems most common when squad members take a long while to get to the map edge to start the journey.
I thought it would be squad size but I've accomplished a few raids with an equally sized squad.
The crashes are so frequent, raiding is near impossible. Crashing never occurs when I don't send squads to raid.
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duplicate of 0010411resolved Loci Crash as soon as dwarfs arrive back from raiding/retrieving artifacts 
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