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0010655Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- AIpublic2018-03-22 02:262018-03-22 10:27
0010655: Tents with sleeping units unable to wake up even if hurt
I come across these since a few versions.
I see the '*' on the travel map and go check them out, revealing tents and campfires with sleeping units (mostly armed) who will not wake up no matter the time.

Even talking or attacking them won't wake them up. I think these might be armies which have bugged out. In fact I've never seen an army squad which wasn't sleeping forever in tents in adventure mode.

These sleeping squads also seem to persist over multiple adventures.
Find a non moving '*' on the travel map and check them out.
This happens with or without dfhack, no other mods, other than "CLA 18px" graphic pack installed
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duplicate of 0006798resolved Toady One Sleeping NPCs don't wake up 
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