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0010698Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Buildings, Generalpublic2018-04-06 03:502018-04-06 05:44
PCWindows10 64Bit
0010698: Unable to place nest boxes
In a new game I was unable to place nest boxes, I will create the nest boxes and I would watch the whole process, the nest box is created and then dragged by a dwarf to my only stockpile at this stage (that has everything but refuse and corpse activated) to only disappear. So when I go to place the nest box in the build interface I am missing the nest box and hence get no placement cursor.

Reloading the save did not resolve the issue.

What I did to fix the issue, although I am not sure which part worked:

1) I deconstructed the craft workshop that was used to create the nest box in question. And made another one.
2) I removed bin use for the stockpile in question

Then it worked, so either the workshop was creating bugged nest boxes or the nest boxes were somehow mistaken to be bins and when a dwarf dragged the nest box to the stockpile it disappeared and became a bin (although I didn't pay attention to the stockpile to see if a new bin had actually appeared magically.)

I have not tried to reproduce this in another game yet. But it was pretty annoying.
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duplicate of 0009004confirmed Loci "Store item in container" jobs block access to all items already in the container 
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Bins are buggy: 0009004