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0001071Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Smeltingpublic2010-04-13 00:412010-06-09 06:46
Modified Dell Latitude D610Windows XP Professional Service Pack 3
0001071: Urist McSmelter/Weavy McCloth cancels Make Item: Needs 1000 Sub-Item
I've seen this take two forms-Urist McSmelter is cheerfully working away, making steel or pig iron bars, when a pair of wires cross and he screams "URIST MCMINER CANCELS MAKE STEEL BARS: NEEDS 1000 IRON BARS." He then buggers off to do something else.

The same thing happens when ordering a Clothier to make plant fiber bags-save "Needs 1500 cloth" instead.

Usually it's the last item in the queue, but I've seen the Clothier just plain refuse to make bags at all.
I haven't a clue. It's happened absolutely randomly every time.
It's annoying, and if I had a bigger fortress, would probably be catastrophic for my stocks.
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duplicate of 0000040resolved Toady One "Dwarf cancels Make Cloth Item : Needs 10000 plant cloth" 
duplicate of 0000063resolved Toady One Steel Bar Cancel - 150 Iron Bars 
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