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0001083Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2010-04-13 07:572012-12-25 10:06
king doom 
Toady One 
0001083: Dwarves with worn-out clothes steal replacement clothes from merchants
My fort has been running for awhile now, and my dwarves clothes are getting a bit scruffy. So scruffy in fact, that when the elven caravan arrived, they waited tillit reached the depot and ran enmasse to steal as many clothes as they could lay their grubby little fingers on.
Run a fort long enough for the dwarves clothes to reach the XXSocksXX stage, then wait for a caravan carrying clothing to arrive. This bug may occur automatically when dwarven babies reach childhood or when dwarven children reach adulthood.
The elves were not best pleased and left large amounts of junk behind as they fled the naked bearded horde.
caravan, item, trade
related to 0000501resolved Toady One Military dwarfs drop equipment because traders have better 
related to 0000066resolved Toady One Cloth/thread stolen from traders for hospital 
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king doom   
2010-04-13 10:42   
Okay, I was relocating my trade depot and I noticed when it was deconstructed there were a stack of clothes, all brand new, all claimed by various dwarven children. Seemed like they got tired of being naked, decided to steal some chausses and at the last moment realised they liked the breeze to blow where it may. Also I liked the old summary :(
2010-04-18 10:34   
I liked the old summary too but... gotta keep things informative.
2010-04-19 02:54   
Have had dwarves stealing cloth and thread from an arriving caravan to stock hospital, so this is not restricted to clothing only nor the Depot.
I'm suprised soldiers don't run and grab equipment as well...but then holding on to eq is difficult for them. ;)
king doom   
2010-05-01 13:21   
I've seen more than one person mentioning the arsenal dwarf assigning weapons the caravan has brought to trade to dwarves in the fort, before those weapons are actually bought. Haven't seen it myself though.
2010-05-01 13:29   
The hospital theft is 0000066.

The weapon assignment is 0001526.
king doom   
2010-12-28 06:42   
Posting (In the right report this time!) To say that this still occurs in version 31.18, just had a caravan chased off when a child decided to claim ownership of a pair of (cave spider silk trousers).
2012-04-03 15:43   
Anyone still seeing this?

Most likely fixed with the changes in 31.06.
2012-04-11 12:01   
Please reopen this report or PM me on the forums if this problem is still around in 0.34.07+.