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0001086Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Idle Behaviorpublic2010-04-13 09:342014-01-27 21:04
Jiri Petru 
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0001086: Dwarves can die of dehydration while drinking
I had a dehydrated dwarf who finally managed to get to the booze stockpile. He grabbed a barrel and stared guzzing... then died of dehydration before he was able to finish the drink.

Seems like the thirst status gets updated only after the dwarf finishes drinking. With drinking taking quite a long time (several game days) it's possible for dwarf to die mid-task.

I'd expect there to be some kind of mechanism preventing dwarves from dying of thirst once they manage to start drinking.
Difficult :) It requires a very precise timing.
The same probably goes for eating and starvation.
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I can confirm that, happened to one of my dwarves too.
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This also happened in 40D.

It takes some time to finish drinking, and even in 40D, with pile and piles of booze barrels, all of my dwarves were complaining of thirst because by the time they finished drinking they were already flashing blue for thirsty.

Its possible that if the dwarf is already dehydrated it could simply take too long for them to finish drinking, such that they will die of thirst while drinking. Same thing even in 40D.