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0001098Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Assignment of Jobspublic2010-04-13 13:022011-10-27 01:24
pcwin 764
0001098: Job cancellation loop at the edge of a burrow
I designated a room to be mined out. I painted the main burrow just over the place where the room was planned. The miners came out to dig the room (as the designated square was in their burrow), but as they started they noticed: "Oh no! I'm outside my burrow!" and went back. As soon as they re-entered the burrow that mining job would be reassigned to them. Repeat ad infinitum.
Designate burrow, restrict miners to it, designate square to be mined so that the dwarves have to stand outside the burrow to mine it.
Solution: let the burrow of the job be determined by the square where the dwarf needs to stand to do the job, rather than the square of the object.
burrow, burrows, jobs
duplicate of 0002416new  For jobs on edge of burrow, dwarves get stuck trying to complete the job from outside the burrow 
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This bug also affects constructions on the burrow edges.
Steps to reproduce:
1. Designate some walls to be built, with access both from north and south.
2. Designate burrow which includes the wall and tiles south of it.
3. Assign masons to the burrow
4. Watch them cancel the walls even tho they are accessible from the burrow

Since masons prefer to build from north, they will walk outside the burrow, notice the forbidden area and suspend designation.
2011-10-15 08:59   
This is essentially the same as 0002416, but that one is a bit more thorough and has a save. Please continue discussion there.