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0001101Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Textpublic2010-04-13 14:052014-08-01 13:50
Toady One 
0001101: No marker for burrows in undiscovered space, though the burrow becomes marked
When marking burrows, undiscovered space becomes marked, but does not appear so. This can be confirmed by mining into the space. There is no way to confirm which space is a burrow and which is not other than mining into it.
1) w- Define Burrows
2) Enter - define this burrow
3) Press enter to begin defining burrow in yet-undiscovered (black) space, and end it in an area accessible to mining dwarves.
4) c- Add citizens to burrows (if not already done so)
5) Have citizens assigned to burrows begin mining in the selected area. They will stop when they reach the "invisible" barrier of the burrows.
This is not too important obviously but it bugs me that I can't see where I've defined my burrows in undiscovered (black) space, so I can't properly remove them either since I don't know what's already been defined.
burrow, Intentional/Expected?
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I've found this as well (also think it's trivial).