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0011054Dwarf FortressLegends Mode -- Historical Figurespublic2019-03-08 05:302020-02-01 21:39
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0011054: Historical Figures still have events misattributed to them.
This was previously known as 0010452

For me this has happened in a world that was generated with .44.12 so the fix for that bug did not work.

There's also been a bay12 thread where someone had a statue report such an event to them: http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=172647.0 [^]
If you go into the legends mode for any given world that has been played in for several years, you will be able to find mentions of forgotten beasts which pretend to be Dwarves, as well as occasionally deities.
I didn't know how to reopen the previous report, so here's a new one. I'm sorry if I didn't see the 'reopen' button.
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related to 0010452resolved Toady One DF can lose track of the links between fake and real identities after end of worldgen 
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Please upload a save demonstrating this problem to DFFD ( http://dffd.bay12games.com/ [^] ) and post a link to it here.
2019-03-17 09:51   
(edited on: 2019-03-17 10:55)
Sure, here you go:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14300 [^]

I also did some inventarising of stuff, it seems to be Forgotten Beasts who are attributed false friendships, and all in Nestledbeak, a town, originally human, then Elves conquered it(and also crushed the humans). It has plenty of artifacts, so proly why there's so many false friendships being formed there.

Cañar Ikka Med (FB->Dwarf Poet, Nestled Beak)
èshgor Avuzibruk (FB->Elf Monster Slayer, Nestled Beak)
Usu Ostngopex (FB->Elf BH, Nestled Beak)
Mìshos Zekrimugath Ugoshnoltag (FB->Elf mercenary, Nestled Beak)
ór Vulcarnekol(FB->Elf poet, Nestled Beak)
Imi(FB->Elf slayer, Nestled Beak)
Kutsmob (FB->Elf mercenary, Nestled Beak)
Figul Gulgun Itêg(FB->Elf Poet, Nestled Beak)
Ner Bâsen Kogan(FB->Elf pilgrim, Nestled Beak)
Cafafi Tofìrali(FB->Elf mercenary, Nestled Beak)
Aztong(FB->human mercenary, Nestled Beak)
Thestkig Gebbardum Amas Kun(FB->elf criminal, Nestled Beak)
Isa Rethioci(FB->elf criminal, Nestled Beak)
Oburûlmush(FB->elf BH, Nestled Beak)
Ofo Irumukla(FB->elf pilgrim, Nestled Beak)
Lidod(FB->Dwarf BH, Nestled Beak)
ûrer(FB->elf poet, Nestled Beak)
Uja Ujasimo(FB->elf BH, Nestled Beak)
Baru Osonungust Usnar Xest(FB->elf criminal, Nestled Beak)
Itvid Dirluutesh(FB->elf pilgrim, Nestled Beak)
Kusûn Zesttoäb Dukaungngo(FB->elf monster slayer, Nestled Beak)
Ugosh Gakitugosh (FB->Elf criminal, Nestledbeak)
Nunùr Stelibothon (FB->Elf mercenary, Nestledbeak)
Gugol Tostralungo (FB->Elf pilgrim, Nestledbeak)
Abe Sedgastsut (FB->Elf BH, Nestledbeak)
Nasod (FB->Elf criminal, Nestledbeak)
Medkitpamaga Ipiz (FB->Elf criminal, Nestledbeak)
Usu Galkaatac (FB->Elf BH, Nestledbeak)
Rubsit Slepondirlu (FB->Elf poet, Nestledbeak)
Sedast Ofokulur Tegagogol Taba (FB->Elf poet, Nestledbeak)
Tofì Cèthuthaabure Lepigaretho (FB->Elf BH, Nestledbeak)
Teling Tholestthol Stinvetek (FB->Elf BH, Nestledbeak)
Wimi (FB->Elf Pilgrim, Nestledbeak)
Osman Donurushan (FB->Elf criminal, Nestledbeak)

Then there's these two demons who supossedly slayed zombies at the same place my adventurer was with his two companions, and I never saw these two devils(but did see the zombies: necromancer camp)

These are Milurpe Alaata Thateme and Tobhethre Ngokcáccast Quothest. A weevil devil and tanager fiend.

For the record, my two companions at the time were Eral Talkedbasements the dwarf and Strohe wildsly the human. I suspect these guys' id's must've been mixed up with the two demons.

I haven't checked all the gods yet(40 civs worth of gods -_-) so it might be worth checking if those guys are doing 'illegal' actions.

Edit: More information regarding Nestledbeak, I visited that place with an adventurer, and it seems that all of the histfigs that were generated at that moment(as in, they show up after that adventurer in the historical figure list) were the primary historical figures the FBs made false friendships with. There were other creatures the FBs made friendships with, but these always were doing so with a fake identity of their own.

The last exception to this is Tode Stirredflies, who was struck down in 254, making friends with Usu Ostngopex in 276.

Edit2: Oh, I forgot, in my investigations, I also found Dostngosp Ultaatu making false friendships in the same town, a Goblin posing as an Elven Beasthunter. I don't think that's supposed to be possible yet.

2019-03-25 18:21   
Thank you for the save.
2020-02-01 21:39   
Another save to demonstrate this bug in 47.01:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14712 [^]

To see an example, look up the elf Thone Fuschiatime in Legends Mode. His entry has him assuming a false identity that does not match his race nearly two centuries after he dies in battle and his body is horribly mutilated by the victors.