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0011085: Crash when merchants leave map
During or soon after the merchants leave the map the game crashes. I have tried killing them with DFHack right before they leave and it still crashes. i know it is related to the merchants, since if I wall them in the crash doesn't happen, and then it does when I release them and they try to leave.
link to save:

http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14348 [^]
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child of 0011014confirmed Loci Reproducible crash from corrupted military equipment lists 
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2019-04-19 21:23   
Quick test under intel i7 lin64 via ssh:

- crashes in ~ 20 sec
- multiple raids logged
- military equipment busted
- on 2nd try after disbanding all squads game runs for well over a minute

So 0011014

I've already seen this scenario with crashing upon caravan leaving (or dying apparently), probably the event triggers some function, like newly traded stuff becomes available and someone trying to change clothing, i dunno.

Also animals on level zero spell ERROR, lol.

2019-04-20 20:37   
Lol I didn't notice about the animals. that's really funny.

Also thanks, disbanding the military has fixed it. I've reformed them with a functional (albeit tedious) workaround that I'll also post in the main thread.

The workaround I've found that works so far is to assign every soldier specific items instead of anything generic, and have it replace clothing, exact matches. Basically If you tell them exactly what to equip, they will never try to put on the bugged items.
2019-04-20 22:01   
Hmm, seems like that should do it. Good thinking, thank you. Maybe you can set specific items only for bugged categories and leave the rest generic, just to make it less tedious.
2019-04-21 00:54   
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Okay, i did another quick test to see if your suggestion stands. Here's what i did:

- disbanded all squads before unpausing
- let it run for a minute so all merchants are out
- military screen -> militia commander, create squad (there will be one unit), no uniform -> equip, replace clothing, exact matches -> armor, specific armor (list is corrupted), scrolling down to pick up *steel mail shirt*, enter -> escape out -> segfault

The workaround might seem to work, as we know these segfaults are quite elusive depending on platform. I don't have Windows installed currently, so i can't check.

Also there is a random pair of (large bronze chain leggings) in the middle of "specific armor" list, wtf.


Well, for me it even crashes when i create one peasant squad with no equipment whatsoever, disabled carrying food/drinks and completely cleared schedule.