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0011154Dwarf FortressPathfindingpublic2019-09-22 10:202019-09-29 16:53
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0011154: Merchants dropped all of their stuff after leaving. ALL OF IT!
Okay, So the dwarven merchants came at their usual time and bringing their usual items. This is my second fortress on this world and the first time the merchants came to this fort. After trading, the merchants got bugged and refused to leave. I cut down trees and ensured good path finding for them. Reloaded plenty of times but still they did not move. So I decided to destroy the trading post they were at. This prompted them to move yet they dropped everything they carried onto the floor. This kinda gave me way to much stuff and I no feel bad having it haha.
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duplicate of 0000293resolved Toady One Deconstructing trade depot gives you the traders' items 
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