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0011181Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Designationspublic2019-11-20 12:142019-11-20 13:11
PCWin 10
0011181: Designating large sections to mine can partially reveil caverns.
Did some mining in Fortress mode into the unknown stone, when suddenly I see the Mushroom icon, with the designation color. When the miner gets closer, he opened up the cave where the previously mentioned mushroom was. After noticing this, I tried to replicate it, turned out many underground trees and plants "can be designated for mining". Did a full map wide designation, not full height (144x144x100), unpaused the game, and looking at the different levels, you can easily get the locations of the underground caverns. Not a game breaking bug, but probably not intended.
Designate large sections of the unknown stone.
Leave designation.
Unpause the game.
I'm using Lazic Newb Pack, Phoebus x16 texture pack and Dwarf Therapist from the newb pack, but other than these I didn't change the game files.
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related to 0004912new  Placing farm plot on hidden areas allows detection of underground plants 
related to 0009944new  Mining designation reveals caverns before being discovered 
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