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0011196: Bookcases are weightless
Built some bookcases out of lead since I had a lot of it. Expected to see my dwarves slowly lugging the thing into place but instead they moved completely unhindered. This implys that bookcases have negligible weight regardless of material.
1) Build bookcase out of very heavy material
2) place bookcase
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According to tool raws they are smaller than cauldron's which are 4000 so the OP is correct that this is literally impossible. A ladel is 100 in size, equating ten ladels to one bookcase wheras cauldrons are four times that and adequately super-heavy. (anecdotally from having cauldrons in modding)


Toady's own provided example instrument furniture the [ITEM_TOOL:EXAMPLE DRUM BODY] thokit drum has a size of [SIZE:19550] equating the rough example generation of what to expect from a full sized furniture piece.
2019-12-21 07:30   
Assuming this is a typo and the container capcity and size was reversed by accident co-inciding with the issue report's claim, codice tools only have sizes between 100-200 so the capacity of a bookcase would be 5-10 per furniture piece.

Remaining like that, it'd significantly increase the amount of bookcases that world gen maps and player fortresses would need to require.