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0011231Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Childcarepublic2020-01-29 12:152020-02-04 18:18
Toady One 
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0011231: Mothers with babies walk around randomly instead of working
Dwarves that are carrying babies seem to run around in circles instead of doing useful work. With the other changes this version, I think it might be because the newborn baby is riding its mother like a horse, overriding normal pathfinding with the baby's random walk pattern.
I haven't tested if this happens with every baby in every fort, but I've uploaded a savefile to http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14677 [^]
As noted in the savefile description, one of the fresh mothers is a miner, who seems to be able to mine despite being unable to get anywhere near the dig site. Pay attention to the tunnel on level 39, and you'll notice it extending by several tiles, with no one nearby, until another miner takes over and continues digging normally.
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2020-01-29 22:48   
I have been able to reproduce this in my own fort. A dwarf gave birth to a child, and then was unable to perform any job, this includes eating or drinking.

The mother will inevitably drop dead from either dehydration or starvation, which is quite inane when within a fortress well laden with accessible food and drink, hahah!
2020-01-30 00:13   
Same thing here, I'm fairly certain every single mother in my fortress has died so far. I was wondering how everyone was dying of thirst when I lived next to a river and had plenty of alcohol as well.
2020-01-31 07:01   
(edited on: 2020-01-31 14:30)
Confirming this as well. Babies simply don't have any idea where they want to steer their mothers. I imagine it probably looks similar to Disney's Ratatouille movie. https://i.gifer.com/9DX8.gif [^]

edit: I just had a mother get a secretive mood. She had no problem claiming a craftsdwarf's workshop at all (she ran straight there), but after claiming it, her luck ran out, and she's doomed to incessant wandering.

edit2: After saving, exiting, and reloading, the mother with the mood dropped her child where she was standing and finished her artifact. The artifact was, however, ridiculously valuable (despite only having 3 material items) and the list of adornments puzzlingly long. https://i.imgur.com/GBgkywD.png [^]

2020-02-02 03:40   
Encountered this problem as well.

I tried drafting the mothers and giving them waterskins and backpacks. Some managed to equip these because they randomly wandered over the tile where these items were stored. But all but one were never able to pick up their assigned foodstuffs.

Right now, giving birth is a death sentence. And while some parents might agree with this sentiment, I don't think it's quite this literal.
2020-02-04 09:35   
Temporary fixes:

1) Removing the [BABY:1] tag entirely in creature_standard.txt to make dwarves birth children instead of babies. Thus bypassing the deadly baby stage entirely.

2) Assigning the babies to food and drink stockpile burrows. The mothers still have enough brainpower left to pick up food and drink from the stockpiles as the babies steer them randomly on top of the barrels, but they have to be forced there.
Toady One   
2020-02-04 18:18   
Okay, I've seen the in-save mothers recover now, so hopefully that works for next time. And any problems that might have happened during surgery or recovering the wounded hopefully fixed as well.