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0011336Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Tradepublic2020-02-08 10:102020-02-24 12:38
0011336: Crash as caravan wagons leave map
Game crashes consistently as the fourth caravan wagon disappears from the local map. Traded goods are mostly refuse from the prior goblin siege and locally-produced worn clothing.
http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14761 [^]
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child of 0011014confirmed Loci Reproducible crash from corrupted military equipment lists 
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Toady One   
2020-02-13 17:23   
Hmm, any OS info? I couldn't get this to reproduce.
2020-02-13 18:54   
64-bit df_linux on Ubuntu 18.04.4 LTS -- world and fortress created in v0.47.01 and ported to v0.47.02

There are many corrupted entries in the equipment list (several pages of "ikthagarros" under armor and helms, and one "ikthagarros" under gloves and weapons), so I suspect it's another instance of 0011014.
2020-02-24 12:38   
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This crash is also happening to me on MacOS running v0.47.03.

Compressed save: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14860 [^]