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0001134: Fires don't spread to trees/shrubs and don't do enough damage
If you start a fire, it will spread to nearby grass but NOT to shrubs. So, for instance, if you start a fire in a field of Longland grass near a hamlet, you'll get one square of happily burning Longland grass. The Longland grass in the surrounding squares will be unaffected for at least a very long time.

I had a dragon attack my fort. All my dwarves were inside, but it saw a pet and breathed at it. I don't think the pet got hurt (though it looked like it should have) but it set fire to my depot and log stockpile. The thing is, the resulting fire didn't burn any trees or shrubs, and most of the dwarves and animals simply ran through the flames without getting hurt. I think one dwarf died because of the fire (not certain, was looking for other posts on this here, and he bled to death). My crops survived both the breath and the resulting fire. Also, the fire didn't move up or down the z-axis.

PS Caught the dragon in a cage trap, so no other damage caused by it.
death, fire, Fixed in 0.40.01?, trees
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2011-01-03 09:19   
I can confirm part of this: I had a Mountain Titan that was a blob made of Magma (left a trail of fire). The fires spread around but did not burn tress or shrubs and did not move up or down the z-axis even though there were grassy slopes. Somehow it managed to fall into a murky pool (without being attacked), so I never was able to test fire damage.
2013-06-30 22:20   
Given the Future of the Fortress feedback, this will mostly likely be fixed in the next version:

http://www.bay12forums.com/smf/index.php?topic=100851.msg4364233#msg4364233 [^]

Quote from: CaptainArchmage

    With the new multi-tile trees, are we going to have proper forest fires now? Can you furnish us with any screenshots?

It's one of the remaining items to address for trees (so, very soon!). Long ago, the trees actually burned, and now as I understand it, they no longer burn. Screenshots may occur during testing. I'm not sure how much the game is going to be able to judge the heat of the flames and so on -- it could be that grass fires only spread up to leaves if the tree has leaves near the ground, and the trunks only burn down in the presence of magma/dragons/etc., or something, but I'm not quite sure how it'll work until I go over the old code and update and fix it.
2014-07-10 11:42   
Kind of fixed, but fire only spreads on trees. :/