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0011392Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Visitorspublic2020-02-19 10:262020-02-19 19:25
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0011392: Friendly, visiting experiment-race creatures tagged as building destroyers will destroy buildings, despite being friendly.
It would appear that otherwise friendly, visiting, former experiment-races that are capable of destroying buildings will still destroy buildings (or at least furniture, note on that below) in your fort, despite being friendly.

An experiment-race visitor, called an Eye of Kadol (profession is dancer), whose name is Quico Lecinecalo is in the entrance when you load this save. It is standing there on the stairwell destroying the armor stand near said stairs. It has already destroyed a weapon rack that was nearby. Just wait a minute or two and it'll finish destroying the armor stand, resulting in a notification.

I assume it'll then make its way upstairs to the inn, where it may choose to destroy a chair or a table.

It is not throwing any sort of tantrum, and it arrived only moments before this save was made (right after it destroyed the weapon rack). It's possible there's some sort of goofed up spy behavior here, but I just don't know for certain. Also odd, it passed up the trade depot, but triggered on the weapon rack/armor stand. Donno why it'd pass the depot by.

Save game here: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14831 [^]
Get an experiment-race being to visit your fortress, who I assume has the building destroyer tag in his raws, and let it see buildings it can destroy, or at least furniture, if not a building.

Save game here: http://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=14831 [^]
This game is 47.03, Ironhand graphics, and the only raw alterations are the removal of adopts_owner on cats, and the addition of an adventurer only race I was experimenting with (none of which should affect this behavior, to my knowledge).
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duplicate of 0009486resolved Toady One Building Destroyer visitors destroy the tavern 
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