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0011398: Mummies do not wake up at all
Category is probably wrong but I don't know what this might be.

I had a fair amount of quests to retrieve books from a group of tombs and decided to experiment a little bit with what triggers mummies and what doesn't.

Checked a couple of tombs and it turns out the guys were dead for good. Could throw them around and butcher them. They obviously didn't wake up.
Visit a tomb, become a 100% legal antiquity retriever.
Possibly while under the effects of a "week of good luck" blessing. Or in a haunted biome. Or both.
Just to cover everything that might've been involved:

  -I was blessed with good luck for a week.

  -It was a tomb cluster housing the leaders of my own civ.

  -I did everything while sneaking, except throwing the mummies around.

  -Didn't touch any object that wasn't a book AND outside of a container,
   dropped them instantly after reading.

  -Told my companion and the horse to wait outside.

  -The site was in an evil/dead biome. Possibly caused by someone in worldgen.
   It doesn't raise the dead and I haven't seen any other evil biome stuff at
   all besides the plants being dead.
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Finally found a live mummy. However, it didn't curse me at all. It also didn't seem to be followed by reanimated corpses.
The blessing was still active, but that didn't stop it from jamming my skull through the brain with a carving knife.

Maybe having good luck prevents the curse message from appearing?

Tried a couple of times more. That one mummy does wake up, but not properly. Bashing the door open does not disturb it, but taking items or walking into the sarcophagus does. However, almost every corpse it raised was neutral towards me, and my companions kept being my allies and fighting for me even after dying and being brought back to life.

I'm also sure now that the curse doesn't proc. Dodged everything, hit every blow, etc.

2020-02-20 09:57   
Possibly related reports at 0010460 and 0011391
2020-02-20 10:12   
Can confirm that the partial remains and special undead bugs happened to me too. Although I thought it was a feature.

And I tried a few more times and it seems like the curse does affect you, even if the message doesn't show up. I had every bone in my left leg shattered by a scratch attack so at this point I don't know what rolls the curse and the blessing are affecting.