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0011399Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Justicepublic2020-02-20 04:102021-02-28 16:20
Knight Otu 
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0011399: Dead suspects confess to crimes
One of my dwarves was seen stealing an artefact. When I checked if it had left the map I found it in the hands of a visitor. I set the citizen to be interrogated and in the meantime had the visitor killed before he could leave.

In due course my citizen implicated the now-dead visitor (whose corpse had unsurprisingly changed name). I wanted some resolution, and could mark the dead visitor to be interrogated so I did so.

To my surprise the dead visitor confessed to the crime! Told me the whole story and gave a set of pseudonyms, including the one he had used in my fort.
I haven't tried to reproduce but it should be pretty simple.

-Have an artefact stolen.

-Kill the suspect before interrogating them.

-Interrogate them. Presumably with someone who is a persuasive interrogator.
This seems closely related to issue 0011333 - animals and dead people can be interrogated.
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has duplicate 0011629resolved Knight Otu Law Enforcement will interrogate recently deceased suspects 
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2020-08-24 10:19   
Can confirm, I have had a dead man confess to crimes. I killed them before they were able to exfiltrate the artifact. Tried to take them alive, but alas, there's no order for that.
2021-02-28 16:20   
This is still occurring in 47.05. Just killed a visiting mercenary who was marked for interrogation but already near the exit. Some time later I got an interrogation report of them confessing to the crime.