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0001141Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Managerpublic2010-04-14 06:242016-05-18 12:37
Toady One 
0001141: Metal mechanisms cannot be made from job manager (only stone)
The job manager contains only a single task for making mechanisms, and that task makes them from stone.
This may be due to the fact that the task menu at the forge says "Construct Mechanisms" no matter what metal you select, failing to display the actual material to be used.

Interestingly, 0.28 had "Construct Adamantine Mechanisms" at the forge, but said task was not available in the job manager, so this may be an existing issue.
There's also the (possibly intentional) fact that metal mechanisms can only be made from weapons-grade metals, preventing players from using metals like rose gold or lay pewter (which are magenta and teal, colors which cannot be produced using any type of stone) to make levers or gear assemblies (to match their tunnel tube and spore tree axles, for example).
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parent of 0009759resolved Toady One Construct Mechanisms not updated with details 
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2010-04-14 07:37   
(edited on: 2011-10-20 13:34)
The restriction of weapons-grade metals also prevents mechanisms from being made from Brass, the one metal most people associate with being used to make gears; moving mechanisms from the "Trap Components" section to "Furniture" (or perhaps "Other Objects") might make it easier to lift this restriction.

2012-02-11 09:29   
Using some memory editing, I forcibly issued a work order to make some metal mechanisms, and the following problems were apparent:
1. As predicted, the work orders showed up as "Construct Mechanisms", failing to indicate the material (similar to traction benches with 0000112).
2. The jobs were added to a Mechanic's Workshop and subsequently required the use of fuel - they'll need to be added to an appropriate Forge instead.
2016-05-15 19:16   
Holds true for 43.02. The manager job, even with the details, will only allow a stone mechanisms "construct mechanisms" job to be given to the mechanic's workshop.