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0011423: On embark in a forested lake biome in winter a massive ice wall was suspended between the trees above my fortress
I embarked in a 6x6 or 7x7 area covering 5ish biomes, half of which were Lake biomes, half of which were temperate forest. The date of embark was roughly Mid-Timber

While clearing out some trees I got the notification of a cave-in. Strange, I thought, normally chopping down trees doesn't cause cave ins, though I've had dwarves get hit while chopping trees before.

It wasn't until the second cave-in killed my woodcutter that I decided to investigate the cause. How tall were these trees to be hitting my dwarves with lethal force? It took me nearly a minute to realize that the stumps weren't surrounded by the normal empty space tiles, but rather the exact same "Ice" tiles that made up my lake, currently frozen over.

Sure enough, in roughly 3 of those 5 biomes mentioned above every single tile is covered by at least 1 layer, though sometimes more, of Ice walls suspended amongst the trees. I have not yet progressed into my first thaw, though I have a feeling I know what is going to happen.
Embark in a temperate forest biome next to a lake during winter. Look up.
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