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0011461: Small issues with interrogating
There is two saves of the same situation:

case a - captain of the guard is about to apprehend a dwarf who is trying to steal an artifact at the very same moment. The dwarf will confess and reveal his boss' name. After confession he will proceed to stealing and giving away the artifact. So the problem here is that early uncovering of a active plot doesn't foil it.

In the meantime before case b i ordered CotG to interrogate that newly discovered plotter, but captain decided to take a nap first, so the plotter received stolen artifact and headed out. My military killed him alright. CotG wakes up, and while the order to interrogate the bad guy is still scheduled, he was already dead.

case b - shows how CotG moves to the place where the guy died, then comes back to his office and "interrogates" the non-existant deadman.
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