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0011462Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Designationspublic2020-03-17 13:072020-03-17 14:40
0011462: Engraving specific images produces same wrong result
Building a temple and intended for each room to have a statue of the god. Two gods, a dwarf and an eagle, cannot be captured in statues, all attempts to create their image, whether statue or engraving instead produces the image of a specific dwarf and a specific goblin, respectively.

I attempted to instruct them to make images of that dwarf and goblin, to see if the entries were switched somehow, but they produced the requested images as normal.
Have made dozens of statues and engravings, all with the same result.
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It picks an image from the god's history, which includes people writing books after being inspired by that god. The bug is that isn't doesn't mention that last detail.