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0011489Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Petspublic2020-04-01 10:172020-04-01 10:17
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x64Windows 1010.0.18362
0011489: War animal whose owner dies on a mission cannot be reassigned, is labeled "Pet of Somebody"
I sent two militia squads on a mission to sack a necromancer tower, with a war elephant assigned to each squad leader. The elephant assigned to the second squad's captain survived the battle and returned home, but her owner was killed in action. Her unit information now describes her as "Pet of Somebody," instead of "Pet of Ral Wallbald," and she does not appear in the list of war animals available to be assigned to the new captain of the second squad.
Send a dwarf with on a raid with a war animal. If the dwarf dies but the animal returns, the animal will be listed as "Pet of Somebody," and you will not be able to reassign it.
The world in question was generated in version 0.47.02.
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