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0011501: Trading Depot destroyed by tantrum grants goods to Fort
A dwarf had a tantrum and destroyed out depot while the elves where still hanging around after trading. Shortly after the elves left I noticed we had their caged animals and, if not all of their goods, then at least most of the food and clothes they had brought.

Seems identical to http://www.bay12games.com/dwarves/mantisbt/view.php?id=7686 [^] but I am not sure if deconstructing/etc would result in the same issue as the tantrum.
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2020-04-09 19:09   
This is working as intended (and marked as "no change required" in 0000293 (which the bug you linked to was marked as a duplicate of).

You stole their stuff (accidentally), they'll be back for vengeance (but probably not as elves don't seem to care too much).
2020-04-09 20:38   
I see, I misread that one as actually being resolved and thought it had crept up again or something.

All in all, I suppose that makes sense since it was our dwarf.
2020-04-09 23:29   
Well, theft counts as lower profits, and lower profits means smaller caravans. This means that following caravans will probably consist of fewer draft animals.
Thus, there are some mild repercussions even if it doesn't escalate into war.