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0011557Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Missionspublic2020-06-17 11:342020-06-17 13:50
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0011557: Missions don't check changing site ownership
A mission is ordered based on current data of who owns the target site. But ownership of the target site can change before that mission is complete.

An example from my actual 47.04 gameplay: I was sending my elite warriors on single-squad pillage missions against a site. Sending rapid-fire single squads maximizes tactics XP gain. I had a squad of nobodies ready to colonize the site once the elite warriors reported that it was clear. The elite squads started returning with reports that the site was empty, so I sent the settler squad. The settlers left immediately, but one of the elite squads hadn't left yet. So the settlers arrived at the empty site and took it over. Then the tardy elite squad arrived and massacred my settlers.

Another example of the problem that I experienced in a 42.04 game, which is harder to duplicate. My fort was in the middle of several civs on top of each other. As I was pillaging a site, it became empty. Before my settlers could reach the site, another civ ---that I was at peace with---had already moved into it. My settlers showed up, conquered the site, and started a war that I didn't want.

The fix is for the mission system to check whether (the civ that owns the target site when the mission takes place) is the same as (the civ that owned the target site when the mission was ordered). If they're different, then the mission should be cancelled.

It would be a nice bonus if the mission screen would give a warning if the player tries to order a mission that will start a war. I queue up missions by the dozens for XP grind, and it's easy to lose track of who owns which site.
Load this game and let it run:
https://dffd.bay12games.com/file.php?id=15111 [^]
Nine squads have each been given missions to conquer the weakly defended site of Cradledbad. The first squad to arrive will conquer it easily and establish a government. The second will establish another government. Later squads will attack the site, not realizing that it has already been conquered by their own civilization. By the end, many of the dwarves will be imprisoned or killed by their own comrades.
0.47.04, missions, site
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