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Windows 7
0011588: Entrances Out Of Underworld Vanish
I had entered the underworld normally through the spire and when I wanted to return back through the same one after killing some demons the entrance just disappeared.
1. Get to underworld using spire.
2. Walk away from the spire for maybe 40 tiles.
3. Get back.
I have no idea if this is caused by fighting demons. When I returned no one was attacking me.

Here are save files. First one is before entering and second is after:

https://jumpshare.com/v/ybDvpE6VmGrTlC1EAasH [^]

https://jumpshare.com/v/SHfKWbFRlCnFPOy71Kyj [^]
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Sounds like another variation of 0006955