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0011601Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Roomspublic2020-07-30 14:112020-08-02 11:42
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MacintoshMacOS Catalina10.15.6
0011601: Designating meeting zones as new guildhall opens help menu because no binding is assigned by default
When designating meetings zones as new locations the options are:

i: inn
l: library
t: temple
?: guildhall

pressing [?] opens help menu without making the selection for a new guildhall. Going into the keybinding menu reveals that no binding is assigned to guildhalls by default, hence the [?]
With default keybindings, wait for a group to petition for a guildhall
build zone and designate a meeting area
use menus to choose to assign to a new location
Observe list of options and press [?] for guildhall
press escape and select to key binding list
Select building
towards bottom of list find location:guildhall
observe that no binding is assigned by default, hence the question mark
assign a new binding
Now repeat steps to reproduce and observe binding now works
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2020-07-30 14:32   
There is a default key binding for that, some how your data/init/interface.txt file is incorrect. It's probably an old version.

Did you copy over files from an old version of the game, or vice-versa?

Are you using some sort of game pack? LNP?
2020-07-30 16:37   
That would do it, I copied the init folder from an older version!