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0011649Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Interface, Managerpublic2020-11-14 22:092022-05-27 20:56
Windows 10
0011649: Manager cannot track quantity of plant slurry globs when stored in food containers
When setting conditions in a manager order for the production of plant slurry for papermaking, the condition "amount of PAPER_SLURRY glob" will always act as though there are 0 of these items if the slurry is stored in a barrel/pot.
1. Set up querns/millstones, and create a food stockpile that stores slurry items and allows barrels.
2. Create a manager order with a condition that track the quantity of PAPER_SLURRY glob, eg. a "Mash plant into slurry" order with the condition "Amount of PAPER_SLURRY glob available is at most 10".
3. So long as the produced slurry is stored in a barrel, the above condition will never be met and the order will repeat endlessly.
The workaround in issue 0009884 also applies here; don't create a stockpile for slurry, and while it remains in the quern/millstone it will be tracked properly by the manager.
0.47.04, Fortress Mode, manager, manager screen
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