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0001174Dwarf FortressDwarf Mode -- Jobs, Militarypublic2010-04-14 18:122014-01-27 10:47
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Intel Core 2 DuoMac OS X - Crossover Games10.6.2 - 8.0.0
0001174: Dwarf is stuck doing non-cancelable tasks
The dwarf in question was drinking when I ordered him to attack a unit. He moves toward the selected animal, barrel in hand. After some time, dwarves neutralized the threat, and the dwarf is no longer actively fighting, but the dwarf is also still holding the barrel. The dwarf is doing individual combat drill, but the color of the job on the units screen is dark blue. The dwarf will not stop drills, even though there are jobs waiting for him to do.

Saving and loading did not change this. Forbidding the barrel did not change this. Stationing his squad did not change this. Changing the barracks so that the squad no longer trained there did not change this. Removing him from the military did not change this. Adding him to the military as a commanding officer and then ordering him to a new location while the barrel was forbidden made him drop the barrel, but the task, "station", still appeared in dark blue. Removing the order did not fix the problem. Ordering him to a location and then removing him from the military did not fix the issue; he went back to individual training drill in the room he was stationed in when he was in the first squad, even though when he was in the new squad. Ordering the dwarf to a station, then saving and reloading again, had no effect.
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related to 0000605resolved Toady One When relieved from a squad, dwarves do not resume civilian jobs, even when squad is deleted entirely 
related to 0000300confirmed Footkerchief Soldiers haul booze barrels back to the barracks after drinking 
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2010-04-14 18:48   
Freeing the bed the barracks was designated around freed the dwarf, who went through "Clean Self" temporarily, and then went on break.
2010-04-14 20:43   
Sounds like 0000605 -- anything in this report not covered by that one?
2010-04-14 20:47   
Carrying a barrel into combat, I think.
2010-04-14 21:21   
The going on break thing is significant, I think. The one time I had a soldier "freeze" into the permanent training position he ended up turning into a civilian that had to immediately take a break after I destroyed his weapon rack.
2010-04-14 22:59   
The barrel part is 0000300, I think.

SirPenguin -- my guess is that the break part just happens because they were frozen for a long time and couldn't take breaks.
2010-04-15 10:27   
Footkerchief, that was a different issue. The dwarf in that one put it down; the dwarf in this one never set the barrel down. The dwarf is now in "No Job" with four other dwarves, but the idle dwarf counter says only two are. Occasionally the dwarf goes on break.

You're correct, it seems to have a lot in common with that first one.

2010-04-15 10:45   
I really think everything here ties back to 0000008 to be honest. I suspect when that gets looked over it's going to fix a lot of problems.
2010-04-15 12:06   
Footkerchief, that was a different issue. The dwarf in that one put it down; the dwarf in this one never set the barrel down.

My guess is that 0000605 is changing the symptoms of 0000300, but yeah, can't be sure. I'll mark this as a child of both or something.
2010-04-16 09:35   
Thank you, both of you. Dr.Zuber, I believe that issue is separate from the military, and I think it's the military that caused this bug that I'm referring to. Footkerchief, I think it's the same issue as those things you listed, although a different symptom.
2010-04-16 09:36   
Actually, it seems a bit closer to 0000605, though
Toady One   
2010-06-05 01:13   
(edited on: 2010-06-05 01:14)
I've got 0000605-style bugs handled for individual training, but it's not immediately clear how it could lead to something quite this odd. Saves are really useful for these bugs. They can be uploaded to http://dffd.wimbli.com. [^]

2014-01-27 10:47   
If you have a save that demonstrates this problem in the latest version, please upload it to http://dffd.wimbli.com/ [^] and reopen this report (or PM me on the forums).