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64 bit IntelLubuntu16.04
0011758: Save corruption resulting in building rendering-related crash
This is a link to page with download link to zip file named CorruptionHandlingRegions that contains two region folders: https://mega.nz/file/E54jxKAC#vvM5WtrAm4lnDAOqblBmetyuLcPIEKdr_K-ZdmgRkLo [^]

The farther-progressed of them, named region730Regionmanipulated1397AutumnStart, crashes.
The previous one, named region730Regionmanipulated1397SummerEnd, is backup of the previous that doesn't (provided in case it is helpful).

The crash seems to be at least somewhat rendering-related crash. In method A gdb consistently tells it occurs in rendering-related hooks at

#0 0x08bebf82 in ?? ()
0000001 0x08bf9b52 in ?? ()

in original save version of .43.03, where the crash occurs inconsistently.

Doing 11 NS x 2 EW erasure to completely erase Food Stockpile 0000146 on problematic tiles stops the crash in Method A.

Doing dbh on the bridge stops the crash in method B.
Method A:

1. Load the save of region730Regionmanipulated1397AutumnStart.
2. Resize window or press tab to see the 28th tile column (2 tiles east of the river's northern edge)
3. Wait 1 in-game day for siege and send squads to station nearby.
4. Wait a minute for the battle to finish.

Typically, crash occurs at step 2 in .47.05, 44.09 or 43.05, but not always even with following all the steps in save's original version of 43.03.

Method B:

1. Load the save of region730Regionmanipulated1397AutumnStart.
2. Go up twice to zlevel 102.
3. Extend DF window until you can see the entire northmost bridge (floating and brown).

Typically crash occurs when seeing the eastmost tile of the bridge that overlaps pear tree branches.
Usual play with the save is done with customized DFHack+TWBT. However, the crash does consisntently occur in vanilla version(s) of DF
crash, Save Included
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Confirmed on Linux 0.47.05 (64-bit). Setting the "scrollx" global ("window_x" in DFHack) to 5 with the initial 80x25 window size also reproduces the crash; setting it to 4 does not crash.
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2021-06-04 11:31   

Upon testing running the younger save (region730Regionmanipulated1397SummerEnd) to ~same date of winter start in said earlier version (43.03) by idling on bottom of map after siege, it also crashes when transported to .47.05, though not necessarily when viewing same things (ranging from only method A to entirely unrevealed z-levels)

That might mean corruption is present in both, just doesn't get triggered until somewhere after mid and before end of autumn.