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0011815: Adventurer Who Never Becomes Angry Exhales Sharply When Becoming Angry
So I wanted to play as angerless character in adventure mode. I wanted to get a slab from necromancer but using force would result in getting ganked by his guards so I tried diplomacy. Dunno what I said exactly but that added at the end of my character's personality description "He exhales sharply when he gets angry". I am not making this up. https://i.imgur.com/6GavreH.jpg [^]
Dunno, I said a lot of things to him. I think his refusals to cooperate caused this.
Dunno if this can be sometimes reproduced or always.
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Are you sure you didn't get a personality change "after an argument"?

For whatever reason this is too blurry for me to clearly read. Thanks imgur.
2022-01-10 05:34   
There was no change in personality. It would probably say in yellow or something.