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0011861Dwarf FortressAdventure Mode -- Conversationpublic2022-03-18 21:092022-05-27 20:54
WindowsWindows 1021H2
0011861: Intelligent undead raised by the player cannot speak
Intelligent undead types when raised by a necromancer player are unable to speak. The player can initiate dialogue with them, but they make no reply to any selections. They also don't appear to talk with other NPCs. Intelligent undead created during worldgen don't seem to share this issue.

Possibly related, they also don't seem to use any granted powers when hostile toward the player.
1. Kill or arrange for the death of an intelligent, non-undead NPC.
2. Raise the corpse as one of the procedurally generated intelligent undead types.
3. Attempt to engage in a conversation with the newly-raised intelligent undead.
Possibly related to 0009494?
0.47.05, adventure mode, necromancer, speech
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